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This young man right here is Dakel Osh. I call myself an introvert and a talkative at the same time. I guess I'm still trying to figure that out. the talkative alter ego in Dakel is why I got a platform on Delarue! I sing when I'm not talking, I mmmmm when I'm not singing, I love art and I am a sucker for creativity.


Oluwafolahanmi Ayanfe Balogun, a.k.a Miss Prim and proper, holds a bachelor's degree in English Language from Lagos State University, Ojo. She is an unapologetic OCC (obsessive compulsive Cleaner) who definitely aims for perfectionism even in the littles. She is also a fitfam, loves to inspire, motivate and put a smile on peoples faces.


Sarsah Sabina, is a makeup Artist, a budding Fashion designer, a voice over artist, and a Tv presenter. She is very youthful and passionate about what she does. Still a fashion Design student at Yaba College of Technology, her descent into media started with her love for makeup.


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Brief Profile

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